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Technology for producing tin metal, zinc oxide powder and zinc metal

I. Technology of tin metal production :

Crude tin smelting furnace reflection, electrolytic refined tin production quality tin tin type I (with % Sn ≥99,95). This is the traditional technology and production capacity in the world. The technology is stable, low cost, the techno-economic indicators is very high and in particular consistent with raw material input is the original tin crystal, fine grain size and contains many impurities especially high iron content.Electrolytic refining stages in the line tin tin production technologies by the Company research, design, build and put into production in 2003, this line is the first technology in Vietnam and award III prize VIFOTECH 2005.

II. Zinc powder production technology oxides :

The company has two production lines zinc oxide powder:

- Technological lines produced 90% zinc oxide ZnO oven numb-rin Vegas : The line for the world is old but the product is very high quality to meet the requirements of production enters the market results and solve jobs for laborers make the company does not apply to large-scale (700T / year)

- Technological lines zinc oxide powder produced by the rotary kiln 90% ZnO : Since 1992 the company has invested and put into zinc oxide powder produced by rotating tube reactor technology, with an output of 600 ÷ 700 Tons / year. 1995 rotary kiln additional investment to increase capacity to 2 3500T / year. 2007 invested more rotary kiln 3, reconstruction of rotary kiln 1 and 2 to raise capacity to 7000T / year. Product quality average reaches 75 ÷ 80% ZnO, metal net 82%.

This is fire training technology zinc oxide ore using a rotary kiln, a new technology, stable and high-yield, high yield, easy to mechanization and automation, low production costs and high targets (can use low levels of zinc ores (≤15% Zn, metal recovery yield high metal low zinc slag, save resources, lower material consumption), ensuring standards industrial hygiene and environmental pollution.

Product line average quality suitable as feedstock for the electrolytic zinc plant and serves a number of industries required quality is not very high zinc dust. In 2010 the Company implemented the project "Improvement of technology and production of zinc oxide powder test containing more than 90% ZnO by rotary kiln" of "science program and key technology of mining and processing technology mineral processing "implementation of the scheme" Innovation and technological modernization of the mining industry in 2015, with a vision to 2025 "foundations are completed project into production will negate the quality problem ZnO powder products revolving kiln technology company is applied.

III. Technology Zinc metal production:

Electrolytic Zinc Plant Thai-Nguyen was put into operation in early 2006 using hydrometallurgical technology with a design capacity of 10,000 tons of zinc ingots / year. This is the factory first Zn metal in Vietnam and Indochina, use the input source is refined ore zinc sulfide ore contains 50% zinc and zinc oxide powder containing 60% Zn, each accounting for 50%, refined zinc sulfide ores are sulfated burned through sintering furnace, the burning was transferred to separate phases and clean air. 60% zinc oxide and zinc powder is burned reducing Cl, F through multistage furnace, reducing the switch to burning and cleaning solvent extraction. After cleaning solution of 2 types on the electrolyte is brought to the stage of the product is then molded into sheets of zinc and zinc ingots 99.99% Zn. Sintering flue gas is racing away 98% H2SO4 acid production. After producing emissions standards acid Vietnam QCVN19: 2009 / MONRE: National Technical Regulation on industrial emissions for dust and inorganic substances.

Wastewater production (mainly sewage technology, water balance and electrolyte zinc when washed by water leaking into the estimated 500m3 / day, using lime neutralization treatment of heavy metal ions in the acid waste water. has its own wastewater treatment plant until the quality reuse or discharged.

Iron flakes easily air-born dust burning furnace cup boiling layer is washed bring residue piled in waste dumps, hydrometallurgical technology coming full will be changed to selling hydrometallurgical technologies are born containing iron residue zinc 15% will be processed by rotating the rotary kiln.

Residue generated during zinc solvent extraction multistage furnace oxide is processed into refined lead ore 18% provided to the lead smelter. Residue generated during the cleaning process provides recovery handle Cadmium and copper residues. 

Currently the Company is implementing the project: "Reconstruction of the quality of electrolytic zinc plant." The major contents of the project is from hydrometallurgical technology to sell hydrometallurgical full. Investing more equipment to increase capacity to 15.000T / year with inputs is 25.000T / year ore concentrate 50% Zn and sun fua 7000T / year of zinc oxide powder 60% Zn. Investing more rotary kiln processing system residue, reducing SO2 system in NH3 emissions produced by liquid nitrogen solved environmental issues to ensure companies develop sustainable production environmentally friendly.



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