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Iron metal powder


Product description

Iron powder is an aggregate of iron particles with sizes of approximately 20-200 μm. It is treated as a powder using the particle size distribution, apparent density, etc. as indexes. Its properties differ depending on the production method and history.
Commercial iron powders are classified in three types, reduced iron powder, atomized iron powder, and electrolytic iron powder, depending on the production method, and are used in various applications, taking advantage of their respective properties.
The following images show the appearance and cross-sectional microstructure of single particles of a representative reduced iron powder and atomized iron powder. Although there is little difference in the external appearance of the two types, the cross sections differ greatly.



Product name :

Iron metal powder

Other name :

Atomized Iron Powder, Water atomized iron powder, Gas atomized iron powder

Purity :


Property :

Grey dark powder with irregular form 

CAS No.  :


H.S code :


Molecular weight :


Density :

1.05 g/mL at 20 °C

Particle size :

-100mesh, -200mesh, -300mesh, -400mesh

Chemical composition (%) :

Mn : 0.160, Si: 0.027, P: 0.006, C: 0.0180, S: 0.0080

Packing :

In 1000kg Big bag. 
In 25kg PP bag with pallet.
In 10kg Vacuum bag into 40kg carton. 



Hard alloy material atomized iron powder is used in hard alloy, P/M, MIN, welding rod, electric conductive slurry, magnetic material, laser welding, diamond tools, high temperature alloy, rechargeable battery,the rubber and plastic injects products etc.


iron powder/iron ore powder/sponge iron powder
iron powder/iron ore powder/sponge iron powder

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