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Applications of Copper sulphate pentahydrate in life

Copper sulphate pentahydrate

Copper sulfate has the chemical formula is CuSO4.5H2O, sometimes called bluestone, is used to control algae and filamentous algae big body. Copper sulphate doses used to kill other plants can be toxic to fish and other animal species. Copper is also necessary trace elements for plant growth. Exposure to high doses of copper plant will inhibit development or killing plants by inhibiting the function of the destroyed cells take on the process of photosynthesis, respiration, chlorophyll synthesis and cell division of reality squeeze.

Cu recommended dosage used to control algae in a fairly wide range, from 0:06 mg / l Cu (12:25 mg / l according CuSO4.5H2O) to above 0.5 mg / l Cu (2 mg / l CuSO4.5H2O), depending on the type of algae and other elements in the water at the time of conducting. Algae can be easily affected by co-than-green algae and diatoms are the result of a number of studies, however, if generalized conclusions on the need to be careful because each type in a property they have endured algae different.

Environmental factors have a great influence on the toxicity of copper for plants and animals. Copper ions Cu2+ freedom is toxic Main for both algae and aquatic animals and so the factors affecting the concentration of copper ions freedom in the country as well as the elements interact in a certain way for with copper ions affects the toxicity of copper. The main factors affecting the toxicity of copper include pH, alkalinity, hardness, dissolved organic matter and insoluble in water. In general if the components on the high levels of toxicity to algae and aquatic co animals decreased.

Use copper sulphate as herbicides always accompanied by some risk: environmental factors limiting the effect of copper sulphate herbicides or increasing toxicity for those without treatment (shrimp, fish), ie promote toxicity is misplaced.

In the document recommends or manuals, the manufacturers know the factors affecting the toxicity of copper sulphate, but these guidelines are not specific, for example with warnings such as toxicity with fish or soft water increases when large doses needed to kill the algae when hard water.

To overcome certain extent, it gives a formula for copper sulphate dosage depends on the alkalinity of the water.

CuSO4.5H2O (mg / l) = total alkalinity (mg / l CaCO3) / 100

This formula refers only to single alkaline elements, do not care to be on such factors as hardness, organic matter, so the value is also limited applications.

After treatment, the water-soluble copper will fall fast and settle to the bottom under the following methods: sedimentation as insoluble oxides or hydroxides, clinging (absorption) on the clay, and the deposition of organic fragments, absorbed collected in the body of plants, micro-organisms and nervous when they die, are adsorbed directly mud.

For example, when applied to the dosage 4 kg / ha for ponds it has been determined to be: 95% soluble in water deeper than 1m75 class, largely disappeared after 1h copper, copper concentrations returned to its original state ( no treatment) during 24h.

Copper sulphate fertilizer for the pond can be done as follows: should a necessary amount of dry copper sulphate for the bag in duffle bag, tied to the tail boats, boat dragging bags, copper sulphate will dissolve into the water. Also can proceed in another way: the chemical into the small bag, floating on the water, melting chemicals in the water. Unless otherwise large wave or flow, this method proved not sure whether the chemical teeth get dispersed or not, or is too high in the area around the bag.

Other Operations is dissolved in water and then spray copper sulphate to the surface. With the aim of killing the weeds in the pond bottom carpet or carpet filaments big body in the basal layer can be applied directly to the dry form copper sulphate water, the particles will settle to the bottom, fading and effective weed killer. The method of using dry chemical would be less effective with the goal of killing the algae.

In agriculture

Pure copper sulphate, copper sulphate or, farmers often call green alum reaction acid (sour) so when used alone to control plant diseases are more likely to be harmful to plants (burning leaves, damage to flowers ). So should not be used separately to spray the mixture with lime into medicine called bordeaux

Once you have got the solution of lime and water poured from copper sulphate solution into the lime water, stir well just pour medium. Note must do sequentially as above, do not be poured back again (ie no lime was poured into aqueous copper sulphate solution).

After mixing take one nail about 5 fresh feces or polished (can also get a thin knife sharpening iron light at the tip) dipped in the drug maker has about a minute. Withdrawal nails (or knife) out, if there is a color layer covered crab in the nails, to air out for a while, if it turns black layer, the water so acidic drugs also easily harm the tree plantation, this is the case needs more lime water slowly until retry nails (or knife) do not see black phenomenon as on the satisfactory.



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