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Application of Tungsten Powder

Tungsten metal powder


Tungsten powder application is very wide, tungsten powder is the main raw materials of tungsten products and tungsten alloys. 

1. Preparation for tungsten carbide powder, it is one important application of tungsten powder. In recent years, the coming out of ultrafine grain carbide with the excellent hardness, and being a new material for cutting tools, such as titanium alloy, heat-resistant steel, nickel-based and drilling alloys, with the specific application of turning, milling tool, drill and mould ect.;
2. Pure tungsten powder can be made of rods, tubes, plates and other shaped products;
3. Mix tungsten powder and other metal powder and go through a certain molding process, can get a variety of tungsten alloys, such as tungsten and molybdenum, tungsten-rhenium, tungsten copper and high density tungsten alloy; 
4. Tungsten powder can also be used for thermal spray coating process as thermal spray tungsten powder, while tungsten powder can not be directly burned, but through melting self-fluxing to firmly bond tungsten powder onto the surface of blank.



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